The Youth Ministry has been up and running since the inception of the TCCV.  It has been a ministry that serves the teenage children of the Tamil Christian migrants of Victoria.  Currently, it consists of the Junior Youth (13 to 17 years) and the Senior Youth (17 years and above), and meets regularly on the 4th Sunday of every month.

The TCCV Youth Ministry has been unique in that it has tried to help the youth strike a balance between the Tamil culture of their parents and the Western culture they are growing up in, as well as leading a meaningful Christian life. In the past, they have followed the Alpha Course, in addition to discussing many social issues with leaders who have been chosen with great thought and deliberation.

The youth are a valuable part of the services with their musical talents.  They enhance the choir with their voices and also by playing many musical instruments. Every year, one service is organised by the youth.  They have thrilled the guests at the annual church dinners with their Bollywood dance routines and fashion parades! Their trivia nights have been great fun, and they play a valuable role in the church dramas.  They have organised fundraisers such as the sale of chipees and cupcakes, the proceeds of which are donated to charities both in Sri Lanka and Australia.

The Youth Ministry has been a constant feature of the TCCV throughout its history and with God’s grace, it is hoped it will continue to serve and support young Tamil Christians.