The Tamil Christian Congregation Victoria is a multidenominational faith community under the auspices of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. It commenced in 1981 inspired by the vision of Revd. AJC Selvaratnam who felt that there was a need for Tamil Christians in Melbourne to worship and fellowship.He served from 1981 until 1993. He was succeeded by Revd Samuel Premarajah who served from 1993 until 2006. Worship is held thrice a month in the evenings in both Tamil and English. Most of the worshippers are members of their local denominational congregations. Belonging to TCCV and participating in TCCV’s activities doesn’t compromise their allegiance to their local churches.  Embracing the Tamil language and Tamil culture and expressing them in worship and in other activities is an objective that has been enthusiastically maintained.

Priests Involved in Past:


Revd. Lawrence Anbalagan (2017 -        )


Revd. Sathi Anthony (2007 - 2014)


Revd. Thevathasan Samuel Premarajah (1993 - 2006)

Revd. Premarajah (CSI Sri Lanka) served TCCV from 1993 until 2006.  During this crucial period he and his wife Mrs. Yogarani Premarajah helped to shape and build the congregation into an important and viable faith community.



Revd. Selvaratnam (1981 - 1993)

Revd. AJC Selvaratnam was the first one to feel the need for Tamil Christians in Melbourne to worship and fellowship and so he and his wife Mrs. Rathi Selvaratnam initiated the commencement of Tamil Christian Congregation Victoria in the year 1981 under the Anglican Churches of Australia.






Rev&Mrs Premarajah

Rev&Mrs Selvaratnam